Market Research and Analysis

  • Create and manage all marketing campaigns across digital channels (search, display, re-targeting, social media, e-mail marketing and etc).
  • Develop and implement online marketing strategies to meet market trends and consumption drivers.
  • Collect and analyze   data from Google Analytics, Magento data history, MailChimp and etc. using online marketing tools such as Mail Chimp, SEOmoz, Google analytics
  • Project the development of LED lighting industry.
  • Assist in data compilation to develop business forecasts and KPI.
  • Provide market insights   to help acquire sales growth and retain customers.
  • Evaluate third party SEO marketing service.
  • Execute research projects via hands-on, in-house research as well as in partnership with  market research firms and contractors  

Profitability Analysis

  • Analyze variables of monthly profitability, compared with the investment on marketing
  • Closely monitor product/pricing offering, relevant terms, as well as conditions and strategies of key competitors.

Informative Reporting  

  • Assist with the development of market recaps  
  • Communicate research findings and recommendations  through documentation or presentation.
  • Participate in designing strategies and tactical plans in alignment with profit and asset utilization objectives.


Require MBA or Master in Business or Marketing with one year experience.

Apply to: ZLS International,LLC, 10835  S Wilcrest Dr, Ste C,  Houston TX  77099. Attn: HR or Email:

What is a Lumen and Foot Candle?

What is a Lumen?

Lumen measures the amount of light you will get from a lighting fixture. The more lumen a light fixture has the brighter it will be and vice versa fewer lumens equals dimmer light. This information is essential if you want to brighten up or cut down brightness for your businesses, parking lots, homes, and buildings.

An energy efficient lighting supplier Shine Retrofits  advises “As the owner of a business or a commercial space, you should be more concerned about how bright is the light emitted by a bulb(s). After all, you have to ensure that commercial and manufacturing spaces should be brightly lit so that employees are not hampered, bothered, or unimpressed with the lighting situation while trying to perform their professional responsibilities. So when buying lights for your business, you need to consider their lumens value.” There’s a misunderstanding that Wattage is what dictates how bright a lighting fixture will be, however, Wattage only measures the amount of energy the lighting fixture is consuming to operate.

What is a Foot Candle?

“A foot-candle is a measure that describes the amount of light reaching a specified surface area as opposed to the total amount of light coming from a source (luminous flux).” Stouch Lighting LED Lighting Solutions Foot Candles are measured in lumens per square foot as appose to simply Lumens. This measurement will give you accurate information on much light is illuminating your desired target.




LED Accessories

Benefits of Having a Twist-Lock Photocell: 

“Photocells have no moving parts. They do not need to be connected to the National Grid, so no cables are needed and they can work in remote locations. For example, they have used to power the lights for some road signs. Photocells do not produce polluting waste while they are in use. Here are some other advantages to photocells:

  • no fuel is needed
  • no power cables are needed
  • they have a long life and are rugged – little maintenance is needed.” BBC UK 

In addition, you don’t have to remember to turn on and off the lights, when it gets dark outside the light fixture will turn on automatically. The photocell also helps expand the lifespan of the LED fixture and save it from overheating from Daytime time heat. The day/night Photo Sensor is designed to detect light in its environment to tell whether is daytime or nighttime.

PIR Sensor: 

PIR-based Motion Detection:
“In this case, the motion is detected by means of a PIR sensor, a passive infrared sensor. This sensor detects emitted infrared energy from objects (humans and animals, but also cars) in the form of heat. In general differences of around 41-50º Fahrenheit compared with the ambient temperature in the field of view and within a 10m /30ft range of the sensor are detected.” Hubbel Connected. The  Motion Sensor has 4 different dimming options, 100%. 75%, 50%, and 20%.


These are general ideas of how the different light distributions will look like from a LED fixture. Liron Lighting offers 3 different options, Type III, Type IV and Type V.

Type III

LED Type III Distribution Pattern

“The type III distribution is meant for roadway lighting, general parking areas and other areas where a larger area of lighting is required. Type III lighting needs to be placed to the side of the area, allowing the light to project outward and fill the area. This produces a filling light flow.

Type III light distributions have a preferred lateral width of 40 degrees. This distribution is intended for luminaires mounted at or near the side of medium width roadways or areas, where the width of the roadway or area does not exceed 2.75 times the mounting height.

Type IV

Type IV LED Distribution Pattern

The type IV distribution produces a semicircular light meant for mounting on the sides of buildings and walls. It’s best for illuminating the perimeter of parking areas and businesses. The intensity of the Type IV lighting has the same intensity at angles from 90 degrees to 270 degrees.

Type IV light distributions have a preferred lateral width of 60 degrees. This distribution is intended for side-of-road mounting and is generally used on wide roadways where the roadway width does not exceed 3.7 times the mounting height.

Type V

Type V LED Distribution Pattern

Type V produces a circular distribution that has the same intensity at all angles. This distribution has a circular symmetry of candlepower that is essentially the same at all lateral angles. It is intended for luminaire mounting at or near the center of roadways, center islands of the parkway, and intersections. It is also meant for large, commercial parking lot lighting as well as areas where sufficient, evenly distributed light is necessary.” Eye Lighting